21 Day Fix – The Latest Beachbody Workout Program

WOW! Is this INSANE or WHAT!?!??!! I have NEVER seen results like this so FAST! There is a new program coming out within Beachbody in February 2014, called the 21 Day Fix. It’s 21 days of short bursts of workouts and the meal plan is about PORTION CONTROL!! This is Beachbody’s first program to place equal emphasis on the nutrition and fitness component. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

The unique nutrition plan uses specifically portioned food storage containers that eliminate the guesswork from portion control – no weighing, measuring, or counting calories, carbs or points. If it fits in the container, YOU CAN EAT IT!! BOOM!!!!!!! When eaten in the right quantities, there are no foods that are off limits.

Beachbody - 21 Day Fix Before and After
Beachbody – 21 Day Fix Before and After


There is a test group currently going on with a few coaches and check out Kristina’s results! OMGOSH! The “after” photo is after only 18 days!!!! I can’t WAIT to run a fitness challenge USING THIS METHOD/ PROGRAM!! EEKKKKKKKKKKK!

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21 Day Fix
21 Day Fix


Tone up your trouble zones, be it your abs or thighs- toning them in less than a month is your dream come true with 21-day Fix! 21-day Fix will be giving you flat midsection. Your new trainer Autumn Calabrese will help you reach your desired results in the easiest way possible!

What exactly is the 21 Day Fix Program?

7 exotic workouts forms the first part of this 21-day fix program. Duration of each workout is 30-minutes for 21-days to give you jaw-dropping outlook. Suitable for the fitness level of all types, 21-day Fix Program utilizes a Portion Control System to tone your outlook in just 21-days.

An element that supersedes this workout from others is that its creator has imposed equal stress on nutrition as workouts. There is no doubt that 70% of your outlook reflects your eating habits. Autumn, helps you indulge in stress-free calorie intake using containers. No calorie count, no weighing and no measuring carbs or points! If it sets in a container you can eat it. Moreover, you can take Wine with this 21-day nutrition guidelines.


21 Day Fix Results and Reviews!

You can lose up to 10-15 lbs in just 21-days as indicated by 21-day Fix Results! 21-day Fix Reviews indicate that you can jump into this workout, no matter what your current fitness level is!


21 Day Fix Program Release Date and Price!

21 Day Fix Program  will be available at $59.85 after being released on February, 2014.


Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a National Bikini Champion! Certified with NASM and AFPA, her great motivational style has helped her achieve a fame in fitness and health industry as a celebrity trainer. Her excellent sense of fitness and health in choosing good and clean food, Autumn empowers you to reach your fitness goals in a sustainable way.

Want on the waiting list for my first

21 Day Fix Fitness Challenge?

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